The Marriage Makeover

Philip Wagner

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PHILIP WAGNER is the Lead Pastor of Oasis Church in Los Angeles. He and his wife, Holly, started the church in 1984 with ten people, in a home Bible study in Beverly Hills. In 2008 he founded Generosity Water, a non-profit organization committed to bringing solutions to the clean water crisis, and thus far they have funded over four hundred wells in eighteen different countries, bringing clean water and hope to over 250,000 people. Philip maintains a blog where he writes about leadership, ministry, relationships, marriage, social justice, and occasionally just living life. Visit at Philip speaks internationally on subjects like building healthy relationships, leadership lessons from a church in Hollywood, and social justice issues like the clean water crisis and helping widows and orphans. He is husband to one wife—Holly Wagner (the Godchick)—and father to two grown kids, Jordan and Paris. Follow him on Twitter at @PhilipWagnerLA.


From the Introduction: by Philip Wagner

Does the idea that you could have a complete marriage makeover in ten days seem simplistic to you? Do you think I’m over promising or trivializing what you are facing? You might be thinking, “Philip, do you really think people can solve any marriage problem in ten days? Give me a break!!”

Here is what I know: in ten days, you can radically change the environment of your marriage from hostile to trusting, from cold to warm, or from distant to embracing. In ten days you can drastically change the tone of your relationship and you can create the environment in which any problem can be worked on in a safe and promising atmosphere.

Whether you are here because you have run a few red lights in your relationship, or because it’s a total wreck, I want to welcome you and offer you this simple encouragement: You can turn your marriage around! You don’t have to do something terrible to mess up your marriage; you just have to do “nothing.” Something as important as love, left to itself, can gravitate to the lowest level of passion. In The Marriage Makeover, I am going to give you ideas for refreshing ten different areas of your marriage relationship. I’ve structured the book with ten short chapters so that you can read one each day.

This works. It is simple, the chapters are not long, and the advice is not complicated. But that does not mean it is easy. Growth demands vulnerability and trust. You will experience uncomfortable emotions. You will face resistance. You may even question if you are getting anything out of this process, but if you give the biblically based truths in this book a chance, I guarantee you will see a change.

Put your heart and soul into this and you will not be disappointed.

FOREWORD — Holly Wagner, bestselling author of the GodChicks book series

ENDORSEMENTSRobert Morris, Senior Pastor, Gateway Church, Bestselling author of The Blessed Life, From Dream to Destiny, and The God I Never Knew; Jim Burns PhD, President, HomeWord, Author of Creating An Intimate Marriage and Closer; Chris Hodges, Pastor, Church of the Highlands, Birmingham, Alabama, Author of Fresh Air; Rick Bezet, Lead Pastor, New Life Church, Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Engaged and pre-engaged couples as a preparation for marriage, Church Leaders—Pastors, Connecting Group Leaders, Sunday School Teachers and Unchurched Couples looking for real solutions to difficult marital problems.

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